A festive and intimate 45-minute show featuring comedy magic, improvisation, and audience participation that climaxes with the birthday child baking a rainbow magic cake. For an additional fee, balloon sculpturing follows with the birthday child receiving a bouquet of balloon flowers (for a girl) or a giant octopus (for a boy). For older kids (9 and up) the format is similar but the repertoire of tricks and comedy routines are more sophisticated.

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Startling and hilarious show that proves magic can be created by all of us. Using music, comedy, and magic, Michael features dazzling contemporary takes on some of magic’s most legendary effects including the ‘Nest of Boxes’, ‘Mystery of the Chinese Rings’, and the ‘Vanishing Head Illusion’— where a volunteers head is miraculously pierced with arrows then disappears entirely! Perfect entertainment for all ages.





Clever, mysterious, uncanny, and most importantly — entertaining, Michael’s close-up magic is ideal for any gathering involving adults, children, or family. Some of his most amazing close-up illusions include: chosen playing cards magically rise from the deck while being held by a spectator, a borrowed half dollar visibly penetrates a glass bottle, the famous multiplying rabbits dissolve and reappear in a spectators closed hand climaxing with the birth of a giant "momma" bunny and the startling finale where Michael’s arm twists 360 degrees! Michael's easy going charm and superb improvisational skills make every moment seem impromptu and effortless— and that means real MAGIC!



Michael's newest program blends comedy, mystery, and outstanding visuals into a mesmerizing display of theatricality as he and his audience explore and expand some of magic’s oldest traditions and classic effects— featuring the very funny ‘Jake da Snake and his Magic Egg’ ‘The Memory Tester’, and the famous ‘Magic Parasol’. The show provides fast-paced, original and spellbinding sorcery for all ages.


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